MISSION: To preserve, protect and enhance the water quality, fishery and recreational and aesthetic values of Lake George for the current and future generations.
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JOIN: If you are not currently a member of Lake George Lake Association, please consider joining. Membership is open to all lake residents and those people residing within one mile of Lake George at least one month annually

Dues are $20 per year.....use the form below to join Lake George Lake Association. Send payment to LGLA, P. O. Box 312, Rhinelander, WI 54501

Lake George Lake Association
    P.O. Box 312
      Rhinelander, Wi. 54501

            2016 Membership Dues........................................$20.00


Mailing Address:

Lake George Address: 

Telephone Number(s): 


Association dues are payable annually on a calendar year basis. Payment for the amount due shown above will bring your membership current through 2016. Please make your check payable to: Lake George Lake Association. Mail your payment to the Association's address shown above. 

I volunteer to serve (check box above) per month as a watercraft inspector at the public landing during boating season on Lake George. In early spring Scott Campbell or another board member will contact you with the list of times available and give you the opportunity to choose a time or times to fit your schedule. You will also be trained by an experienced inspector before you are assigned to work as an inspector on your own.

I have added $                                 in addition to the amount due shown above as a donation to the Lake Association to help defer watercraft inspection costs and other expenses. 

​The Association will not provide your e-mail address to any outside individual or organization. Having your e-mail address will, however, make it easier and more cost effective for the Association to notify you of issues and events which may affect you, the lake and its residents on a timely basis.

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