Aquatic Invasive Species Lake Monitoring

We all face a direct, immediate and serious economic threat! 

For many of us, our lakefront property is one of the most valuable assets in our personal net worth. The value of that asset is being threatened by a number of external forces. The pristine lakes of the Northwoods --- our single greatest resource and most valuable --- are under constant and ever more aggressive attack by aquatic invasive species (AIS).


​One of the most serious of those threats is the invasion of Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM). This destructive, fast-growing plant creates thick blankets of vegetation on the surface of a lake that prevent many aquatic recreational activities such as boating, fishing and swimming -- and destroys the aesthetic enjoyment of lakefont living. The loss of these primary benefits of lakefront living translates directly in to a loss in value of the property itself.


This threat is not some remote or hypothetical problem. Investations of EWM have recently been discovered as close to home as Pelican Lake, Squash Lake, Lake Minocqua/Kawagasa, Lake Tomahawk, the Eagle River Chain of  Lakes and the Wisconsin River. These lakes are fighting the infestations of EWM - spending hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in an attempt to control it. 


Lakes become infested with EWM primarily through the transfer from an infested lake. Watercraft, their trailers and equipment are the main source of such transfer. In the past several boating seasons a small cadre of dedicated LGLA volunteers has served as watercraft inspectors at the public boat landing. 


--- YOU CAN HELP --- Participate in the ongoing efforts to preserve and protect Lake George --


CB/CW Boat Inspections - AIS Lake Monitoring Days - AIS Lake Sweeps 



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