Coarse Woody Habitat Project on Lake George

We have received the WDNR permit for our Coarse Woody Habitat project. The steering committee for this project - Bob Pederson, Doug Cernaske, and Cal Ewert – have spent countless hours gathering information and planning the first phase of the project. They along with Scott Campbell and Tom Brickley completed the first tree drops in early November.


Trees along the Island View Road properties of Johnson, Santy, Braun, and Ewert have been cut and anchored. Trees along the Pederson property will be cut and anchored while the ice is on the lake this winter. The committee chose to do this first phase of the project in two parts to gain the experience of creating the habitat both on open water and on ice.


The WDNR has defined the specific method of securing the trees to the shoreline. Thecommittee will keep a close eye on these trees to insure they remain secure when the ice goes out next spring. After that, they will move on to planning the next phase of the project. A huge thank you to Bob, Doug, and Cal for all their time and effort in getting thi s project going – and to Scott and Tom for their willingness to help!

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